Co-creating the next U Lab event: notes from our first design meeting

u.lab Scotland

My take on the ‘U Lab’ U.Lab Global pic

For me, the  ‘U Lab’ (sign up at : is about offering people ways to lead ‘from an emerging future’ through times of transformation and disruption, bringing to this task an ‘open mind, open heart, open will’. It’s been put together by a group from MIT in America (the same group that well known names in the world of systems change – like Peter Senge – belong to).

In a way it U Lab is a crystallization of decades of learning from social and business change movements, and it’s founded on a stark critique of our current economic, social and political thinking that Scharmer calls ‘organised irresponsibility’.

At heart, U Lab is an attempt to support and catalyse an emerging community of change makers to step up our impact by paying more attention to how we learn and create new solutions for ourselves, and…

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Written by nickwilding

I am currently based in the Scottish Government, bringing inquiry practice to broader work to transform public service in Scotland, bringing policy and practice and people closer.... towards creating the conditions for more sustainable, vibrant and resilient communities. I also work in Wilding Enterprises as Co-Founder.

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