Dialogue Community of Practice

The Dialogue Community of Practice aims to enhance the quality of relationships through conversation, allowing us to work together to improve what matters most to Scotland. We support a range of Dialogue development, including events and practice groups.

The Dialogue Community of Practice aims to support the transformation of public services by using dialogue methods to enhance the quality of relationships through conversations.

Dialogue presents a new way to hold discussions and approach difficult situations in the workplace. It can help to get to the root of complex issues and allow people with differing opinions to think and work more effectively together.

The Dialogue approach can create a better understanding of perspectives. It requires individuals to share and hear personal stories and embrace the emotions that conversations can raise whilst also being receptive to the emotions of others.

Dialogue is less about competition or ‘winning your point’ in a conversation, it’s about giving everyone a voice and allowing what emerges to be greater than the sum of its parts. Watch A Beginners Guide to Dialogue below to learn a little more about dialogue practice.


The Dialogue Community of Practice offers four masterclasses a year, where we hear from experienced practitioners on dialogue and themes the Community wished to learn more about, such as Public Engagement and Dialogic Principles.

The master-classes include input from experts and academics, and also allow the community to spend time in dialogue about the learning and how they might apply the learning in their context.

We are currently reviewing and evaluating our Dialogue offerings, and new events and masterclasses will be designed and delivered to take these findings into account. We will share these on our events page, and also via our mailing list.

Practice Groups

Throughout 2015 we supported a number of Dialogue Practice Groups, designed to allow a group of practitioners to develop their dialogue skills in a safe and facilitated environment. Opportunities to join future practice groups will be advertised on this website and via our newsletter.

If you would like to learn more about how facilitated dialogue sessions could help you or your team, you might be interested to watch this short video about facilitated work we have been progressing with Midlothian Health and Social Care Partnership.


Keep up to date with Dialogue by reading our newsletters. Join the mailing list, or read our archive below:

Other Resources

We have some materials available on the Khub from previous Dialogue Community of Practice events.

An evaluation of the impact of the Dialogue Community of Practice to date can be found here – Published July 2016

Kantor have some good materials that explain in a little more depth structural dynamics and dialogue.

NHS Education for Scotland have a number of videos on the Caring Conversations Framework:


  1. An introduction to the framework with Belinda Dewar
  2. Caring Conversations in Equality & Diversity
  3. Caring Conversations are Leadership Conversations
  4. Having Caring Conversations with Carers
  5. Caring About Performance Appraisals