Scottish Coaching Collaborative

The Scottish Coaching Collaborative is a collaborative partnership providing in-house trained coaches to work across public service organisations. We support clients from first line managers to those in senior leadership and management roles across Scottish Public Services.

The Scottish Coaching Collaborative aims to extend coaching at work. It provides a wide-reaching and cost-effective coaching service that enables in-house trained coaches to work within other organisations through flexible time-banking.

The Scottish Coaching Collaborative is not just about how we coach internally within our diverse cultures: it’s about creating the conditions to share resources, opportunities and experiences and gain broader perspectives across organisational boundaries.

We recently interviewed some of our coaches and our clients, giving them an opportunity to share what coaching has meant to them. Watch below to learn a little bit more about how coaching is Developing Insight.

The Scottish Coaching Collaborative provides:

  • an efficient and responsive coaching service
  • a network to support and nurture a Public Service coaching culture
  • quality assured coaches
  • access to cross-sector internally trained coaches in the Scottish Coaching Collaborative’s coaching bank

What the Scottish Coaching Collaborative can offer organisations:

  • the opportunity to join a nationally recognised and innovative cross-sector alliance
  • access to cost effective, ongoing learning and return on investment
  • a chance to grow your internal coaching pool

What the Scottish Coaching Collaborative can offer coaches:

  • CPD and fantastic networking opportunities
  • the opportunity to become part of a unique coaching community

For a more in depth look into the benefits of a coaching relationship, watch Sharon Millar, NHS Education for Scotland and Jim Kerr, Scottish Prison Service, talk about how they found One to One Coaching.

Are you a trained coach looking to expand your practice? Do you have trained coaching working within your organisation?

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